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Introduction of Ahle Sunnat

A united front representing Sunni Ulema, Mashaaikh,Imams of Sunni Masjids, Sunni Madarsas, Intellectuals, Prominent citizens and Sunni muslims from all the 30 districts of the state.INTRODUCTION OF AHL E SUNNATAllah Subhanahu o Taa'la said, ”Cling one and all to the faith of Allah and let nothing divide you ” (C,3,v,103).Our

Press Meet at Head Office of Jamate Ahle Sunnat

Press Meet at Head Office of Jamate Ahle Sunnat After Registration of Jamate Ahle Sunnat Karnataka , there was important press meet at the Head Office , The Honorable President Hazrath Sayed Muhammad Tanveer Hashmi Sahab Qibla, Mufti Muhammad Ali Kazi Misbahi Sahab Qibla (Gen Secratary JASK) spoke about the Mission and various activities of

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